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My Name is Erik, i was born in Canada, to a Canadian father and a Swiss mother. As a family we moved to Switzerland in 1992, and I went to the swiss schools, and started my apprenticeship as a construction carpenter after 2 years a changed over too interior Carpentey/joinery. When I finished my Training/schooling with Swiss Government Diploma, I worked in various fields of installations, from kitchens, windows, interior cabinetry, and Service fixing in wood working etc., I decided to start my own business, as thought there were other oppurtunities out there for me. Throughout the years before starting my own business I completed various jobs besides being employed and gained extra experience, and invested having my own tools. As growing up in a Family owned home with 4 apartments, I became the guy to maintain the building of my family. From fixing, to renewing, painting, flooring, walls plastering, doors, etc.  I work on optimising the house to gain space, and maximise the usage, and have good ideas for design and visual, and usage made as easy as possible. 

Those experiences i made and knowledge i would like to share with you, so you can have the same pleasure in having a nice home.

With a passion for coming up with unique and outside-the-box ideas, while also experimenting with new processes and technique, you’re always in great hands with this creative and talented maker.

During Erik's training in becoming a carpenter, Erik started taking small jobs in the expat community from 2003,

from 2016 Erik started self-employment, and established Swiss Carpenter Gmbh in 2019.

  • Fluent in English and German

  • Moved to Switzerland in 1992 and attended Swiss school system

  • 2 Years Formal Apprenticeship in Construction Carpentry @ with Zimmerei EFZ

  • 4 Years Formal Apprenticeship as Window Specialist @ Fenster Fabrik with Schreiner EFZ

  • Expertise in Framing Work, Insulation, Painting, Ceilings, Walls, dividing walls and Renovation

  • Offering Ikea Installation  - Ikea Hacks with PAX Wardrobes

  • Walk-In Wardrobes

  • LED and Indirect Lighting Work

  • Doors, doors that are under protection

  • Windows

  • Laminate and real wood flooring, sound proofing (click Parquett)

  • Dividing Walls + Framework w/ Doors

  • Deep Personal Contact 

  •  Repair and Fix Work (Simple Setup and Installation) 

  • In co-operation with Speedmaster, producing Cabinets of all sorts, custom made in sizes

Whatever your vision is, reach out for a FREE 1 hour on-site consultation.  Let's bring your idea to life.


Hacking IKEA. IKEA hacking is the practice of buying things from IKEA and reengineering — or “hacking” — them to become customized, more functional, and often just better designed stuff.

On Site Payments accepted with Sumup and surcharge of 2.5%,

or via Billing, and Twint


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