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Windows and main Doors

-Window service, essential for every day use, saving heating costs, rare parts are hard to find when damaged specially with older Windows.

We offer the following

- Adjusting
- Oiling the metal parts
- Rubberseal softning
- Broken parts replacements,either with original or generic part if possible.

with the Servicing of your Window we can assure the window will seal better and have a nicer opening when handle is turned.


We Offer windows and main doors in a wide variety, we work with our Partner Company, in the area of Zurich, and surroundings. 

We can offer you a good consultation from our side in English and German, with good well known products in the market, we provide good service from A-Z, and take care of our customers until the job is finished.  

Call us at, or send an e-mail 

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