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Besides offering the solutions of high-quality wood flooring

Our Partner Company, has longterm expierence in putting down new parquett floors, and maintain your existing floor, for bigger projects we work together in giving you a great experience and quality of flooring.

Lots of apartments in todays age are wood parquett with an oiled surface, if you would like to get an introduction on how to take care of your floor so you can enjoy it for many years to come you make ask us to come by and share this information with you and offer you a set of mop and oil-refresher to keep up the maintance.

Holzwerkstoff Samstagern,

have a great supply in flooring, to replace your existing floor.

They have their own wood care products that are developed by proffwoodcare, creating great quality products to maintain your floor. 

I use their products to up keep our floors.

Offering you:
Proff woodcare mop
For more information please contact us about the products.
If your existing floor needs some repairs please ask us to come and help you, as we have the know how in fixing a floor, please do not try this on your own as more damage may occure in the process. 
for more information or replacement orders please send us an e-mail.
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